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Chattanooga, TN

One of the more unusual mascots found in the United States, the Girls Preparatory school has long been known for academic excellence and social integrity. But along the way, its athletic teams have also won athletic championships and with g...

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Purple Pounders

Harrison, TN

The school athletics teams originally went by the name Purple Warriors as the school colors are purple and gold. During an exceptionally good year in the 1930s a local sportswriter began to opine that they often "pounded" their opponents, a...

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Bell Buckle, TN

Named after its founder, the school's mascot was formerly, "The Webb Scholars." In the 1970s the student body was highly creative and outgoing, creating the "Webb Feet" mascot. The mascot is now deeply ingrained in The Webb School's traditi...

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Purple Wave

Memphis, Tennessee, TN

The oldest all-boys school in Memphis with the oldest high school performing band in America, Christian Brothers High annually ranks among the top athletic programs in Tennessee. This level of excellence has marked the athletes as the well-...

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Mighty Pharohs

Memphis, TN

The school falls near two suburbs of Memphis - Raleigh and Egypt - with the latter one becoming the motivation behind the mascot and really everything else at the school: The mascot is a Pharaoh, the yearbook is The Sphinx and the student n...

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Smoky Bears

Sevierville, TN

The Smoky Bears draw their mascot name from the town's location just outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Only in eastern Tennessee will you find a Smoky Bear!

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Nashville, TN

The St. Cecilia school mascot is the scarab, an ancient Egyptian symbol denoting life and vitality — qualities the St. Cecilia community strive to represent, with great enthusiasm, energy and passion for life. The first three letters of t...

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Memphis, TN

Founded in 1847 and once known as Belles (as in Southern Belles), St. Mary's became the turkeys in 1975. Two seniors - Lisa Morrow Morten and Crissy Garrett Haslam, had brothers who attended Memphis University School (all boys) and the stud...