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Rapid City, SD

Rapid City High School added the name Cobbler after the 1920s when AD Euclid "Euc" Cobb began coaching all athletic teams. He spent 41 years at Central and is the only South Dakota coach to have a team named after him. Cobb thought all team...

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Mitchell, SD

No one knows for sure when Mitchell High School became the Kernels, but in 1969 the school changed its colors to black and gold. The high school mascot is the Kernels because Mitchell is the home to the world's only Corn Palace. Mitchell is...

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Edgemont, SD

The school's nickname pays homage to the Mogul railroad steam engine common in America in the late 19th century. The town of Edgemont has always had a close association with the CB&Q Railway, which has merged into the BNSF Railway....

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Newell, SD

The Irrigators came from the irrigation district that is in the town of Newell. Orman Dam, which is located between Belle Fourche, S.D., and Newell, is a holding pond for irrigation water that comes from rain and snow runoff, and also from ...

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Dell Rapids, SD

The identity of Dell Rapids is tied to a rich vein of red quartzite that runs 2,600 feet deep and hundreds of miles between the Wisconsin Dells and eastern South Dakota. The outcroppings of quartzite fueled the century-old quarry industry....

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Volga, SD

As the story goes, when the town of Volga, S.D., was founded there was a Russian crew that was supposed to come in and install a railroad but it never showed up. This obviously had a lasting impact. Sioux Valley High School is known as the ...

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Sturgis, SD

Scooper was derived from the nickname given to Sturgis by the cavalrymen stationed at Fort Meade in the late 1800s. Cavalrymen, who claimed they were "scooped" every payday by the merchants of Sturgis, began to refer to Sturgis as Scooptown...

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Vermillion, SD

The Scarlet Tanager, a medium-sized songbird, lives along the Missouri River. Tanagers tend to stay high up in the canopy of deciduous trees, so they are difficult to find. The birds feed on insects and fruit. The town of Vermillion is clos...