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Boiling Springs, PA

The name Boiling Springs derives from the natural artesian well springs that are in and around the town. The most popular and prominent spring in the area is named the Bubble. The high school nickname, Bubblers, is inspired by this popular ...

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Allentown, PA

In 1916, Allentown High's school colors were yellow and blue. The faculty and students, interested in producing literary journals, developed a magazine titled The Canary and Blue. Somehow, the word canary, denoting one of the school's color...

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Flying Dutch

St. Marys, PA

St Marys was founded by German immigrants in 1842. Deutsch is the German language word for German. This word was pronounced by English speakers as "Dutch." In the 1920s, the school mascot was the Dutchmen. At some point in the school's hist...

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Fightin' Planets

Mars, PA

Since 1912, Mars High School has been known as the Planets. For the record, there is no correlation between the planet and this small town other than the popular roadside "Spaceship". About 20 years ago the school changed the lettermen jack...

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Williamsport, PA

At one time, the Williamsport area was considered the lumber capital of the world. It was reported that more millionaires per capita were living in the Williamsport area than anywhere in the county. The community still boasts Millionaire Ro...

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Grape Pickers

North East, PA

The borough of North East, Pa., is known for its fruit economy, specifically grapes. The high school has vineyards surrounding it. The town is also home to Welch's as well as five large wineries. It's only fitting that the school would embr...

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Konkrete Kids

Northampton, PA

Northampton, Pa., was once known as the global manufacturer of cement. It was home to the Atlas Portland Cement Company along with a few other cement companies. Atlas Portland closed in 1982 due to foreign competition but the history lives ...

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Allison Park, PA

The talbot hound is an extinct, snow-white hunting dog. Its origins have been traced to Normandy. William the Conqueror used talbots extensively in Great Britain in the 11th century. The term talbot is used in heraldry to refer to a good-ma...