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Crooksville, OH

In 1936, there was a contest to name the school's new mascot.  Frederic Reed  Jr., a Crooksville High School basketball player, won the contest by submitting the newly approved name of the Ceramics.  This was extremely popula...

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Cleveland, OH

In the 1900s the Glenville community was home to many railroad workers. The workers were known as tarblooders. These workers used stakes and tar to get the railroad tracks to stay on the ground. The tar often splashed on their faces and arm...

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Gates Mills, OH

In keeping with the English architectural style of Gilmour's main building, Tudor House, the Lancer was selected as the mascot. In English tradition, the Lancer was the iconic image of a warrior. In the school's early years, the mascot was ...

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Cincinnati, OH

Oyler High is located on Hatmaker Street, near where a hat-making company was located in the late 1800s. Mercury was used in the curling of the hats, and hat makers were known to "go mad" from the mercury fumes. The hat makers suffered from...

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Norwalk, OH

You could say that Norwalk High School has gone through an identity crisis or two over the years. At one time it was the Phantoms, then the Raiders, now the Truckers. In 1948, Norwalk went through its most recent renaming. The Truckers were...

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Duncan Falls, OH

In the early 1920s an Ohio power company built a power plant in the town of Philo. At the time, the plant was one of the most technologically advanced power plants in the world. The plant provided hundreds of jobs to people of the area. The...

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Hunting Valley, OH

University School was founded as a college preparatory school. According to the school archivist, US didn't originally have an athletic nickname and the Preppers' moniker was made up by a newspaper sportswriter in the 1920s and stuck. Altho...

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Sarahsville, OH

In 1963, Shenandoah High School was built. There was no debate as to what to name the school and mascot. In 1925, the USS Shenandoah, a Zeppelin airship, embarked on a promotional flight to the Midwest. The airship was caught up in thunders...