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Carlsbad, NM

The city of Carlsbad is home to more than 117 known caves, some of the biggest in North America. Naturally, the town's high school honors the bragging right with its mascot nicknames Cavemen (boys teams) and Cavegirls (girls teams). The act...

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Las Vegas, NM

You might think there is a connection between a school in Las Vegas that is named the Dons and the film, "The Godfather." But this is not a reference to Michael Corleone or Moe Green. In fact, the name is of Spanish heritage, not Italian. A...

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Fighting Pintos

Moriarty, NM

The school's selection of this nickname is an easy one to understand. Moriarty was once known as the "Pinto Bean Capitol of the World." As for the school's official mascot and logo, apparently the image of a spotted edible seed didn't inspi...

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Fort Sumner, NM

The school is within close proximity of plenty of animal life, foxes included. But Fort Sumner went the extra step by naming its girls' teams the Vixens.

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Albuquerque , NM

No, there isn't a 'P' missing from the name "Spartans." The school's namesake, Pope Pius the Tenth, was originally born "Guiseppe Sarto," whose teachings included charity, fair play and faithfulness. Unfortunately, the image of the Pope fro...

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Santa Fe, NM

The Spanish mascot name translates to scorpion and reportedly is the only school in the country to label its mascot.

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Albuquerque, NM

The mascot was founded out of a contest of nominated names voted on by teachers, students and parents. The name has a Biblical foundation and points to Roman soldiers.

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Zuni, NM

The name is derived from the tale of a mythical bird thought by some North American Native Americans to pocess special powers.