Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Derry, NH

Pinkerton, home to one of the most historically dominant football programs in the state, didn't pattern its nickname after the major league baseball club. In fact, Pinkerton made the switch three years before the Houston professional team c...

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Colebrook, NH

The mascot comes from the area's Native American history. Colebrook is right on the border where the Mohawks lived.

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Woodsville, NH

Woodsville is right on the border of Vermont and it was home to the thriving railroad company Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad beginning in 1853. So when Woodsville High opened many years later, the school chose to honor the industry...

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Franklin, NH

It's said that the mascot references the 1821 New England Tornado outbreak, in which five destructive tornadoes broke out and demolished parts of the region.

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Hillsboro, NH

The mascot is a fictional animal based on both the Bobcat and its cousin, the Lynx, which are indigenous to the state of New Hampshire.

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Little Green

Manchester, NH

New Hampshire's most well-known university is Dartmouth, whose mascot is the Big Green. Manchester adopted its name from that, only smaller.

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Newmarket, NH

Back in the day, New Market had a booming textile industry and the hardest workers were called mules.

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Laconia, NH

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans thrived on the land that now makes up the city of Laconia. To honor the heritage of this city located in the central part of the Granite State the local high school bears the name Sachem, who was the ...