Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Grafton, ND

The Spoiler originally came about, according to school officials, because the school was smaller than most of its opponents and regularly spoiled the success of larger schools. The mascot used to be a gremlin-looking character, but some peo...

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Kenmare, ND

The goose is quite popular - and common - in the Kenmare area and it was immortalized by the school giving a nod to its honkin' abilities. Kenmare has a honker suit, which is worn by a student at the games, and that in turn sparks opponents...

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Mighty Midgets

Dickinson, ND

The school's nickname was created in the early 1900s, when a radio announcer used the term in an endearing manner to describe the hometown team's basketball players in a game against much taller opponents. The moniker was an immediate hit a...

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Beulah, ND

The school's nickname pays homage to the city's coal mining industry. The North American Coal Corporation's Freedom Mine, located in Beulah, delivers more than 16 million tons of coal per year, and is the largest lignite mine in the country...

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Magic Storm

Munich, ND

The schools of Munich and Starkweather are 17 miles apart and remain separate high schools and school districts. But in the mid-1990s, the towns opted to combine forces in sports (they have a combined 9-12 enrollment of 56 students). The sc...

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Fargo, ND

A patch of oak trees near the Red River gave the school its name, while the mascot Grover was chosen because it is Norwegian for lumberjack. There was a misperception, however, that it was named for the Sesame Street character Grover becaus...

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Valley City, ND

The name is for the historic Hi-Line Railroad Bridge, located over the Sheyenne River in Valley City. At 3,860 feet long and 162 feet high, the 105-year-old bridge once was the longest for its height in the world. It currently remains one o...

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Mott, ND

The high schools in Mott and Regent were consolidated in 2002. When the schools merged, the nickname Wildfire was chosen by students, and the logo was designed by local patrons. The caricature has been informally and affectionately known as...