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St. Louis, MO

The origin of the first part of the team nickname for Block -- more specifically the Louis and Sarah Block Yeshiva Academy -- is easy to understand. It's the second part that is more of a mystery. One unverified version of the nickname's cr...

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Bolivar, MO

The town of Bolivar was named for Venezuelan military and political leader Simon Bolivar, who was critical in the fight for independence from Spain. But until the early 1950s, the school's nickname was the Tigers. In 1948, Presidents Romulo...

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Columbia, MO

The 1913-14 basketball season not only brought Columbia High School - as Hickman was known then - an undefeated season, but also a nickname that is approaching a century old. The school secretary owned a Kewpie doll, popular figurines then,...

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Webster Groves, MO

The logo and nickname for this all-girls Catholic school are certainly original: You'll rarely find a sports mascot worthy of sponsorship from Sharpie. But in November, Nerinx Hall certainly left their mark in Missouri's Class 4 cross-count...

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Maryville, MO

In the 1920s, coach L.E. Zeigler was angry with his team for being lazy at practice, so he gathered the players, called them a bunch of spoofhounds and ordered them to go home. The term came from a plaster-of-Paris dog that Zeigler recalled...

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California, MO

During the school's 1925-26 academic year California High held a contest to select a new team mascot. The winning nomination came courtesy of the school's agricultural teacher, who reminded everyone that the Plains Indians -- who originally...

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Unionville, MO

Multiple theories exist as to how Putnam County became known as the Midgets, and many of those point back to the football and basketball teams being small in size compared with opponents. It is uncertain precisely when the nickname was adop...

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West Plains, MO

A zizzer means the best in a specific field, and became popular at West Plains when Phoebe Davidson, a member of the faculty, exclaimed, "What a zizzer!" when she saw a booklet presented to her by the senior class in 1908. The school newspa...