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Blue Blazes

Westbrook, ME

Westbrook High athletes have reason to stand tall. Their Blue Blazes mascot is a nod to the blue marks put on trees in the Westbook area by order of King George III (circa 1760-1800). The blue blaze was reserved for the tallest and straight...

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Rockport, ME

Rockport and neighboring Camden Hills are the quintessential coastal New England towns, known for some of the best sailing in the country. A windjammer is a giant sailing ship once used for cargo shipment and now used for tourism in the Roc...

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Falmouth, ME

A coastal community in Southern Maine, Falmouth is known as a sailor's paradise. The Falmouth area is home to several yacht clubs, including the Portland Yacht Club. And the school even has a sailing club. With such a nautical heritage, it'...

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Houlton, ME

The definition of "shire town" is a town or city that's the seat of government for a shire, or division of land. And Houlton just so happens to be the government base of Aroostook County, the largest county east of the Mississippi River. So...

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Bath, ME

Morse is located in Bath, which has a loooong history of building ships. The area has been known for its ship-building since 1607. And the heritage continues today - Bath is home to Bath Iron Works, a shipyard specializing in designing, bui...

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Lee, ME

A group of students decided on the Panda theme in 1953 and Peter Panda was born. This group was a visionary bunch: 60 years later, Lee Academy has an International Boarding Program, and 25 percent of the student population is from China.

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Red Riots

South Portland, ME

The tale of the Red Riots predates World War II. While trailing at halftime in the late 1920s or early 30s, South Portland's football coach gave his team an impassioned speech, and the team came out for the second half with fury. A local re...

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Portland, ME

Stags? We know what you're thinking: a bunch of single men attending a bachelor party. Not even close. Perhaps a male deer? This does appear in some versions of the school's athletic logo. But, primarily, Stag is derived from Bishop Jean de...