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Louisville, KY

In the 1920s, two area school districts combined, Erlanger and Elsmere, to make Lloyd Memorial. The first graduating class at Lloyd Memorial had only 22 students. In 1929 the football team was formed, and during one of the games a writer fr...

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Park Hills, KY

In 1976, Notre Dame Academy, an all girls catholic high school, held a school wide contest to determine the school's mascot. The contest was open to all students and faculty. The suggestions were compiled and students selected the Pandas as...

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Polar Bears

Brooksville, KY

Polar Bears in Kentucky? Believe it. In the 1920s, Bracken County basketball players didn't have a gym to play in, so they made do with a vacant tobacco warehouse adjacent to the school. The buildings weren't heated and became quite frigid ...

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Bowling Green, KY

What's a Purple? That's what rival schools like to ask. The answer: "If you're not a Purple, then you're not a Purple, and you don't know what that means." The second-oldest school in Kentucky embraces the Purple Spirit, however, and school...

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Louisville, KY

At one time, the nemesis of the Sacred Heart Academy field hockey team was the then all girls school, Collegiate Amazons in Louisville. In the spring of 1959, the students of SHA decided that their girls school also needed a fearless nickna...

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Big Trains

Silver Grove, KY

Founded in 1911 by the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, Silver Grove became the model railway employee's town. This small railroad town is home to 1,100 proud people and the heritage and history is everywhere throughout. Local establishments ...

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Briar Jumpers

Somerset, KY

Somerset High School was one of the first schools in the state of Kentucky to have a football program. The town of Somerset, Kentucky is known for its briar patches and rabbits. Somerset high school is home to the Briar Jumpers. But not jus...

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Louisville , KY

Dragon logos are all the rage now, but St. Francis students -- who are of a more intellectual bent -- voted to have this fire-breathing, barb-tailed dragon as their logo in 1976. After merging with a lower school, they realized a more kid-f...