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Big Reds

Centerville, IA

This school's mascot has seen some changes through the years. The football team was known as the Red Devils in the 1930s, when it started playing night football. The mascot used to be Tomahawk Red, but the school has shied away from the Nat...

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Estherville, IA

Esterville didn't have a mascot until one of its smaller football teams happened to upset a much larger team from Jackson, Minn. The newspaper article following the game nicknamed them the Mighty Midgets. The second part of that name stuck....

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Lamoni, IA

Lamoni High School must have been going for irony when they chose The Demons as their mascot, considering the city of Lomoni is a significant historic area for the Community of Christ (formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Chris...

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Burlington, IA

Nike is considered the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Currently, the Nikes mascot is a fighting angel that looks like a little boy with a halo. Although it seems to be a mystery of how the school become the Nikes, the 5-6 year old f...

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Story City, IA

In the fall of 1969, the Roland Community School District and the Story City Community School District reorganized and became the Roland-Story Community School District. Prior to the reorganization, the Roland sports teams were known as the...

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Waterloo, IA

Iowa is famous for its acres upon acres of farmland. For "The Field of Dreams." Even for presidential debates. But Sailors? When Columbus Catholic opened in 1959, there was not an official mascot. The student body chose to play off the Colu...

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Sheldon, IA

Many people ask, what exactly is an orab? "Orab" is actually a made up word. It is a cohesive fusion of the two brilliant and powerful Sheldon school colors, orange and black, to create one magnificent and indestructable word and mascot, Or...

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Stormin' Pointers

Center Point, IA

When two shools merge, mascot magic can be the result. That's what happened when the Urbana Cyclones and Center Point Pointers became one. Taking it one step further, students helped create a live version of the mascot, Stormin' Norman. The...