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Atom Smashers

Savannah, GA

According to Johnson's school website, the Atom Smasher has been noted as one of the five most unique mascots in the nation, and was once featured in a question on "Jeopardy" in 1999. The class of 1962 presented the school with a bronze arm...

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Clarkston, GA

Initially, the town of Clarkston was called Goatsville. Owning goats was a sign of great wealth in Goatsville, and an angora is a long-haired breed of goat. Clarkston's Angora mascot is a nod at the hisotry of the town.

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Fellowship Christian

Roswell, GA

The school's original mascot was the Eagles. However, when it went to a more competitive sports schedule 20 years ago, it changed to the Paladins - a Christian Knight from the Crusades era. The school felt Eagles was too common and wanted "...

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Red Elephants

Gainesville, GA

The word is that the Red Elephants name came from Everett Strupper, a local sports writer, in the mid 1930s. Once after watching Gainesville pull out a hard fought win, he wrote that Gainesville marched "up and down the field like a herd of...

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, GA

In 1949, a contest was held among the student body to name a new mascot for Jefferson High School. The contest resulted in the Red Dragon becoming the official mascot, with the primary color being red; quite different from the original gree...

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Red Terrors

Brunswick, GA

This name was inspired by the Chinese Revolution from many years ago and probably could have been the Red Menace. Glynn Academy is the second-oldest high school in Georgia, and the age-old mascot nickname is part of the school's mystique....

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Cairo, GA

Called the Tigers long ago, the nickname was changed after the local Roddenberry's Syrup Factory rescued the football team during a rainstorm by donating ponchos. The city's name, by the way, is pronounced Karo.

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Warner Robins, GA

The Demons mascot is a reference to the 7th Fighter Squadron at Robins Air Force Base; they were named the Screamin' Demons in World War II.