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Mean Moose

Alamosa, CO

Alamosa's nickname came to be by accident. Back in the early 1970s, Alamosa went by the nickname The Moose.  The school's mascot, as created by local cartoonist Charles Asay, featured a mean-looking moose. But when the school sent inst...

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Brush, CO

Brush, a small farming town tucked away in Northeast Colorado, gets its name from the town's past. The dry land surrounding Brush has long been by supported a thriving sugar-beet industry. Hence the Beetdiggers, a device used to harvest the...

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Evergreen, CO

No, the Clear Creek Golddiggers weren't named after one of Kanye's exes. Though that's not a bad idea. These Golddiggers got their name because gold was first discovered in Colorado in an area not too far from Clear Creek. The school's masc...

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Rocky Mountain Oysters

Carbondale, CO

The Oysters in and of itself would be a unique mascot. But to fully appreciate the charm behind the Colorado Rocky Mountain School Oysters, you must know that a rocky mountain oyster isn't seafood. Nope, it's a Colorado delicacy of fried bu...

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Fort Collins, CO

Poudre is a consolidation of several schools and rearranged boundaries. It inherited nicknames from other schools that included Eagles, Lambkins and Pirates. The Impala nickname was quite a compromise. An impala is a medium-sized African an...

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Denver, CO

Because of its location in the southern section of Denver, the school at one time had a mascot named Johnny Reb, which later was altered to Rebels. A controversy erupted in the 1970s and the new mascot resembled a gargoyle or griffin. Howev...

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Rocky Ford, CO

Like many small-town high schools, Rocky Ford's mascot comes from the area's key economic driver. Local farmers are known for producing melons, most notably watermelon and cantaloupes. Hence the mascot. The school colors correspond with wat...

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Aspen, CO

Aspen is believed to be the only high school in the country with this nickname. It certainly fits, though, because Aspen is world famous for its great ski slopes. The entire community revolves around skiing and snowboarding. Three Aspen res...