Results for Best Mascot 2014

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Horned Toads

Coalinga, CA

In 1933, the Coalinga Junior Chamber of Commerce held an impromptu racing of wild reptiles that would eventually become the Annual Horned Toad Derby. The Horned Toad nickname was adopted by the high school in 1938.

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Napa, CA

Napa is world famous for its wine production and grapes must be crushed, of course, to produce its great variety of wines. The athletic teams also hope to crush their opponents on the field.

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Fighting Frogs

Los Angeles, CA

Founder Jacques Ribet (Ribay) obviously had a good sense of humor when he gave the athletic teams the frog nickname. When his name is pronounced incorrectly it sounds like the noise frogs make. Opponents at games often make frog sounds, but...

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Fighting Zebras

Lincoln, CA

During the 1920s, Lincoln's amateur basketball team started wearing jerseys with dark blue and white vertical stripes that made them look like zebras. When the Lincoln basketball team began wearing similar uniforms with blue and gold stripe...

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Morgan Hill, CA

What better mascot for a school named Live Oak than an acorn? It sure beats the Live Oak Leaves.

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Los Angeles, CA

The school is named after former Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, so it's fitting that a Barrister, a type of lawyer, is the school's mascot.

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La Canada, CA

Flintridge Sacred Heart is a small, all-girls Catholic school, and the Tologs nickhame was created in the late 1940s: It's an acronym for To Our Lady Of Good Success. It wasn't until the 1980s, however, that the live mascot, Teddi Tolog, wa...

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Yuba City, CA

No, Yuba City's mascot isn't an impatient driver. A Honker is another name for a wild goose.