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(Arabian) Knights

Arab, AL

In 1927, the school's yearbook was called the Arabian. In 1942, the school newspaper was called the Arabian Knight. Arabian Knights was suggested in the 1940s. Arab Knights has also been used, and today it's just the Knights.

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Silent Warriors

Talladega, AL

These are the only Silent Warriors in the country. Alabama School for the Deaf is known as "the home of the champions." More than 60% of the student body participates in some kind of organized sports. Their teams have competed in the intern...

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Birmingham, AL

The athletes at Hayes High School are known as the Pacesetters, because they are "setting the pace for the 21st Century". Their school slogan claims, "We are proud, prepared, and productive". They are the only school in the country with the...

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Flying Sqaudron

Highland Home, AL

Prior to the early 40's, Highland Home's mascot was the Panthers. During World War I, a number of the school's football players were drafted, and attached to the same airborne division. Their coach was with them one day during training, whe...

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Leeds, Alabama, AL

The school's original nickname was the Yellow Jackets. However, an alumnus who also had attended Tulane University (whose mascot is the Green Wave) returned and was able to change Leeds' mascot to the Greenwave.

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Birmingham, AL

A great distance from Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounties, this school got its nickname from Shades Mountain and from originally being built in a valley between two mountains. The original name of Mountaineers has over time been shortene...

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Cottondale, AL

Paul Bryant's mascot was orginally to be the Bears, after football player and coach Paul William "Bear" Bryant; whom the school is named after. However, a court order in the 1970s stated that no new school in Tuscaloosa may take a nickname ...

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Montgomery, AL

Sidney Lanier High School is named after American musician and poet Sidney Lanier, so naturally, Poets is a suitable mascot. Currently, there is no offical character that goes along with the name. The Poet mascot used to be a court jester, ...