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Aniak, AK

Aniak is probably the only place in the U.S. where you can call somebody a "halfbreed," and not be politically incorrect. The school welcomes it, in fact. The student body changed the school's nickname from the Apostles/Angels to Halfbreeds...

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Chefornak, AK

Chaptnguak used to have a generic mascot, the Cobras. With a student body that's 100 percent Yu'pik Eskimo, the students felt the nickname didn't represent the community well. The students said the community is more magical than the Cobras ...

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Little Diomede, AK

Diomede went by the bland Trojans moniker until the 1980s. Now it has one of the most unique nicknames in high school sports thanks to its geographical location. Diomede High School is located about a mile from the international date line, ...

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Nome, AK

Nome Beltz is located in Nome, a Northwest Alaskan town on the edge of the Bering Sea. Though Nome is about 140 miles south of the Arctic Circle, polar bears have been known to make cameos in the area. But Polar Bears is such a boring nickn...

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Northern Lights

Deering, AK

The famous Northern Lights traditionally are seen in Alaska and are very predominant in this area of the state. The Northern Lights are part of the culture, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks even has a continuous Northern Lights foreca...

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Sea Parrots

St. Paul, AK

The Sea Parrot is St. Paul's version of the puffin, a bird seen in this area of Alaska during the summer. There are four species of the puffin, but this area has an amazing 250 different species of birds. The nickname has replaced former on...

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Point Hope, AK

Point Hope, home of Tikigaq High School, has a long tradition of being a whaling village. The area even holds an annual festival to celebrate the whaling season. This history contributes the the school nickname, the Harpooners, according to...

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Tundra Foxes

Kasigluk, AK

This area of Alaska is inhabited by a variety of foxes, including red, black and arctic. The sly critters rarely are seen during daylight hours, however, and fox hunting no longer is a lucrative occupation.