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Price, UT

Numerous dinosaur fossils have been found in the area, hence the name "Dino". The school's active mascot during games is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Horned Toads

Coalinga, CA

In 1933, the Coalinga Junior Chamber of Commerce held an impromptu racing of wild reptiles that would eventually become the Annual Horned Toad Derby. The Horned Toad nickname was adopted by the high school in 1938.

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Gabbs, NV

Every fall, this small town is overtaken by the migration of male tarantulas traveling across the desert to find a mate, covering the roads and outnumbering humans. Residents find them in their houses, climbing up their screen doors. As a t...

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Lahaina, HI

When Maui Prep students leave campus after extracurricular activities, they'll often see a pueo owl sitting on the school's fence. It's the only place on the island where pueos are common, according to the school. So the name was a natural....

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Portland, OR

An aardvark is a native African mammal that has a long snout and eats ants. The exact mascot story is subject to different tales, but one is that it was the underground mascot, preferred over the school's actual mascot at the time, a falcon...

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Orofino, ID

The assumption is that the school was named Maniacs because of the state psychiatric hospital in Orofino. But school officials and historians are quick to point out the nickname predates the hospital. According to the school, this is the or...

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Ridgefield, WA

When Ridgefield opened back in the early 1900s, the community was a potato and pruning hotbed. Luckily, potatoes won out over prunes when deciding the nickname. The Spudders have been around ever since. Ridgefield is still a big farming com...

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Point Hope, AK

Point Hope, home of Tikigaq High School, has a long tradition of being a whaling village. The area even holds an annual festival to celebrate the whaling season. This history contributes the the school nickname, the Harpooners, according to...

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Yuma, AZ

The Criminals might steal the ball, but not your lunch money. After Yuma's original school building burned down in 1910, classes were held in the cellblocks of the vacated Yuma Territorial Prison.