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Chinook, MT

The town's livelihood was built around sugarbeet production, but the sugarbeet doesn't exactly strike fear in many opponents. So the mascot's look has changed over the years, and now the school has arrived at a much more ferocious-looking v...

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Evergreen, CO

No, the Clear Creek Golddiggers weren't named after one of Kanye's exes. Though that's not a bad idea. These Golddiggers got their name because gold was first discovered in Colorado in an area not too far from Clear Creek. The school's masc...

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Holdrege, NE

On Nov. 27, 1924, Holdrege's football team played Lexington in a dust storm. The local newspaper at the time reported on the game and stated that the score would have been larger if not for the dust. The 1925 Holdrege High yearbook called t...

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Miami, OK

As its name implies, dogs have a history in combat; they were used in the trenches during World World I. Dogs were used for protection and for search and rescue missions. Miami honors the courageous work of a wardog with its mascot.

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Nazareth, TX

Nazareth, Texas, is home to the Swifts and Swiftettes. The swift fox is a quick, cunning animal native to the Texas Panhandle. The story goes that in the early 1940s a student from the Stork family brought a swift fox to school that had bee...

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New Castle, WY

The mascot is the name for a motherless calf in a herd and it's said that the mascot was chosen to reflect Wyoming's extremely high cattle population.

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Pratt, KS

In 1925, Pratt's FB/BB coach changed the basketball uniforms from red and white to yellow because he thought too many schools were red and white. Two years later, he changed the football uniforms to green. Pratt's football field during that...

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Albuquerque, NM

The mascot was founded out of a contest of nominated names voted on by teachers, students and parents. The name has a Biblical foundation and points to Roman soldiers.