Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Claymont, DE

The Auk is a bird found in the Atlantic Ocean that looks a bit like a penguin.

Total Votes: 22,382

Flying Flucos

Palmyra, VA

It is said that in the 1930s a radio broadcaster yelled, "Look at that Fluco go!" during a live broadcast. In his excitement he combined Fluvanna and County. The students loved it and ever since, they have embraced it.

Total Votes: 7,716

Mighty Hoppers

Washington, DC

Max Elias, a longtime science teacher at Georgetown Day School, created three sculptures that were sold in an auction when GDS featured only a lower and middle school. One of the sculptures, a grasshopper, was later returned to the school, ...

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Greensboro, NC

From 1920 to 1951 the Whirlies were named the Purple Whirlwinds, but when the colors changed to blue and white, purple dropped and eventually Whirlies was adopted.

Total Votes: 644,494


Annapolis, MD

The Key School’s unusual nickname dates to the 1970s, when local sportswriters told the school it needed a mascot. Key, which prides itself on doing things a bit differently, settled on Obezags. You might notice it’s an anagram of gazeb...

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Total Votes: 465,905


Inwood, WV

The school was named for the C.M. Musselman Company, maker of Musselman's apple sauce. The school's mascot is an apple with muscular arms.

Total Votes: 292,184

Konkrete Kids

Northampton, PA

Northampton, Pa., was once known as the global manufacturer of cement. It was home to the Atlas Portland Cement Company along with a few other cement companies. Atlas Portland closed in 1982 due to foreign competition but the history lives ...

Total Votes: 29,463


Travelers Rest, SC

The mascot is in honor of the Marines, whom the Germans referred to as "Teufelshunde," which means devil dogs or dogs from hell. Former football coach Chico Bolin came up with the Devildogs mascot. The stadium is named after Bolin.