Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Ashland, MA

A Boston suburb, Ashland is primarily known for two things: it's the original starting point of the Boston Marathon and it's the site of Henry E. Warren's invention of the electric clock. The town puts its pride about the latter on full dis...

Total Votes: 58,498


Fair Lawn, NJ

As the story goes, back in the day a bunch of football players cut class and got suspended for the first half of their next game. Once they got into the game in the second half, Fair Lawn pulled out a win. The local newspapers said that "Cu...

Total Votes: 5,547


Hillsboro, NH

The mascot is a fictional animal based on both the Bobcat and its cousin, the Lynx, which are indigenous to the state of New Hampshire.

Total Votes: 1,590,384


West Hartford, CT

A Wyvern is a legendary creature with the head of a dragon, wings, talons of an eagle, two legs with a tail of a snake and breaths poison. The origin is from the Old French wyvern, which means both viper and life.

Total Votes: 6,712


Montpelier, VT

The kids at Montpelier High are the Solons, and that has a huge connection to the fact that they live near the capitol building. Solon was a Greek lawmaker and back in the B.C. days, the lawmaker and poet tried to legislate against all type...

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Total Votes: 1,583,037


Bath, ME

Morse is located in Bath, which has a loooong history of building ships. The area has been known for its ship-building since 1607. And the heritage continues today - Bath is home to Bath Iron Works, a shipyard specializing in designing, bui...

Total Votes: 5,276


North Kingstown, RI

A skipper is the captain of a boat, and the mascot name honors the state's connection to the sea.

Total Votes: 28,073


Somers, NY

Somers' mascot honors the town's strong ties to the American circus, giving a nod to the elephant tusks. The town is home to the Elephant Hotel, which was built by Hachaliah Bailey, who became known for acquiring the second elephant brought...