Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 133

Blue Dons

Weirton, WV

Madonna is the only school in the country with this nickname, which is a tribute to the school color and an honorific title once used to address members of the nobility.

Total Votes: 47


Morgantown, WV

While Mohigan may sound like Mohican, an actual Native American tribe, the school's mascot is a combination of Morgantown (MO) High School (HIG) Annual (AN). The Mohigan was the name of the school's first yearbook.

Total Votes: 17,517


Inwood, WV

The school was named for the C.M. Musselman Company, maker of Musselman's apple sauce. The school's mascot is an apple with muscular arms.

Total Votes: 10,172


Poca, WV

A brilliant sportswriter for the Charleston Gazette suggested the name in 1928 and it stuck. The school's mascot is a fierce-looking red dot.

Total Votes: 306


Pine Grove, WV

What’s a Jack? Here’s a hint: The school is located on 1 Lumberjack Lane. Logging is historically one of the biggest industries in West Virginia.

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