Results for Best Mascot 2013

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St. Albans, VT

The two mascots, The Bobwhites (for the boys' teams) and The Comits (for the girls), represent two people that worked and coached at Bellows Free Academy. Bob White was a teacher and coached nearly every sport in the 1950s and '60s. The tea...

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Burlington, VT

The story goes that fossils of seahorses were found when the site of the former Burlington High School, now Edmunds Elementary/Middle Schools, was excavated in the late 1800’s. The fossils possibly dated back to over 12,000 years ago when...

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Fair Haven, VT

Fair Haven Union's mascot, the Slaters, is a reflection on the history of the city of Fair Haven, which is called the "Slate Center of the Nation."

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Montpelier, VT

The kids at Montpelier High are the Solons, and that has a huge connection to the fact that they live near the capitol building. Solon was a Greek lawmaker and back in the B.C. days, the lawmaker and poet tried to legislate against all type...

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Galloping Ghosts

Randolph, VT

In 1940, the boys basketball team was playing in a tournament and a newspaper reporter realized there was no nickname. Randolph Union had a fast-break style of basketball - at least for 1940 - and the reporter felt as if the players were ga...

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