Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 3,723

Battling Bishops

Charleston, SC

The Catholic school wanted to toughen up the nice persona associated with bishops, so it threw a pair of boxing gloves on the mascot, letting teams know they were in for a fight.

Total Votes: 90

Wild Gators

Lake View, SC

Named in reference to the area's high population of gators in the swamps and marshes. "Wild" was added to signify that Lake View would be hard to contain in competition.

Total Votes: 91

Swamp Foxes

Marion, SC

The mascot is named after Francis Marion, an officer in the Continental Army who earned the nickname from the British during the Revolutionary War because he was hard to track.

Total Votes: 102


Mullins, SC

The original mascot was the Tornadoes until a local businessman helped the school with funding for equipment through an auction. To honor the gesture Mullins became the Auctioneers.

Total Votes: 21,656


Travelers Rest, SC

The mascot is in honor of the Marines, whom the Germans referred to as "Teufelshunde," which means devil dogs or dogs from hell. Former football coach Chico Bolin came up with the Devildogs mascot. The stadium is named after Bolin.

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