Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 1,157

Thunder Chickens

Rensselaer, NY

Legend has it there was a contest among students in the 1980s for a mascot name, and this was the one stuck.

Total Votes: 13,494


Fredonia, NY

The name was given to the people living in remote woods, famous for feuds with their enemies. Fredonia gets its mascot name also for the fact that the school is on a giant hill.

Total Votes: 143


Utica, NY

The mascot's naming was influenced after a French medieval tale called, "Le Jongleur de Notre Dame". The moral of the story is to be inspired to do the best you possibly can.

Total Votes: 23,543


Somers, NY

Somers' mascot honors the town's strong ties to the American circus, giving a nod to the elephant tusks. The town is home to the Elephant Hotel, which was built by Hachaliah Bailey, who became known for acquiring the second elephant brought...

Total Votes: 93


Warrensburg, NY

The mascot used to be a burger. Realizing a burger wasn't quite striking fear into opposing sports teams, the school revised the mascot to the Burghermeister, known as the ruler of the town in Germany.

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