Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Ishpeming, MI

The north central Upper Peninsula of Michigan is known for its mining history, more specifically iron ore. The most prominent mineral mined since the 19th century is hematite. Some believe the nickname was first referenced in 1902 at the st...

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Kingsford, MI

Kingsford, Mich., is aware of its history and the mascot name represents that. In 1925, the great American innovator Henry Ford moved to Kingsford. Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was known for his introduction of the Model T. The ...

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Goodrich, MI

Goodrich High School is used to the misconception that the school nickname is a space alien. Actually, it's a Roman god of war, Mars. Prior to the 1930s, Goodrich was known as the Gladiators. The school also was called the Goodrich Rural Ag...

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Detroit, MI

Pershing High School is named after John J. Pershing, one of America's most decorated soldiers who most notably led American soldiers into World War I. The Doughboys name was first coined for soldiers that crossed the Mexican border to catc...

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Watersmeet, MI

Depending on who you ask, the meaning of Nimrod may differ. Watersmeet, Mich., is located in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, where hunting is a sport and a way of life. A nimrod is a king hunter so odds are, that is the true meaning of thi...

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