Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Metairie, LA

Some schools opt for intimidating mascots. Then there’s Archbishop Chapelle. Former school president Beth Johnson used to tell new students the following about the school’s Chipmunks mascot: “The alert Chipmunk is perhaps the most che...

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Wampus Cats

Leesville, LA

In Native American folklore, a wampus cat is half-woman, half-mountain cat. Though various stories explain the wampus cat's origin, it's a fearsome creature no matter whom you ask. Leesville's school officials aren't entirely sure how the s...

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New Orleans, LA

We'll let McDonogh 35's website do the honors: "The Roneagle is a most extraordinary bird. It is fashioned in solid iron and is the mightiest, swiftest and most resourceful of all winged creatures. It takes four years to develop from an eag...

Total Votes: 70,140

Red Stickers

Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge is French for Red Stick. So St. Joseph's Academy pays homage to its hometown with the Red Stickers. What's not so obvious is how Baton Rouge got its name. According to the city office, many stories explain the origin. But the mo...

Total Votes: 1,836

Golden Tornadoes

Sulphur, LA

Sulphur has a great mascot, even if it's named after a not-so-great moment in the town history. In 1918, a hurricane struck the Sulphur area without warning the same day a tornado touched down. The storms left very few businesses standing a...

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