Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 70,345


Fowler, KS

In 1934, Fern Barger won the contest to select Fowler's mascot with the Goldbug. The idea was taken from the 1843 short story by Edgar Allen Poe entitled "Goldbug". The story is about a man who gets bit by a goldbug and becomes obsessed wit...

Total Votes: 50,121


Hesston, KS

The nickname changed roughly 30 years ago to honor what then was called Hesston Corporation, an important company to the town which built, among other products, the swather. A swather in this part of Kansas is used primarily to chop alfalfa...

Total Votes: 1,784


Palco, KS

The 1931 basketball team was known for being not only good, but entertaining to watch because they were smaller than most of their opponents. Some residents gave them the nickname of the banty roosters. The cheerleaders and pep club thought...

Total Votes: 122,434


Pratt, KS

In 1925, Pratt's FB/BB coach changed the basketball uniforms from red and white to yellow because he thought too many schools were red and white. Two years later, he changed the football uniforms to green. Pratt's football field during that...

Total Votes: 300


Salina, KS

A muleskinner was known as the head of the wagon train, driving mule teams and covered wagons across the Great Plains. Many of those trails cut through the heart of Kansas, near Salina.

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