Results for Best Mascot 2013

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Fighting Ducks

Orlando, FL

Cornerstone Charter Academy recently adapted a mascot unique to the state of Florida; The Fighting Ducks. Their tenacious version of the duck is complete with green hair. The school also holds a fall festival every year that they call, "Duc...

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Key West, FL

Key West High School has been the home of the Conchs since 1906. A conch is the large shell of a sea-snail, and a giant replica of one can be found outside of the high school. Although not the only school located in beach town, Key West is ...

Total Votes: 32,094


Lakeland, FL

After the defeat of football arch-rival Hillsborough, Lakeland's principal called the student body to an assembly. At the close of his speech, McKay suggested that from that day on the team be known as "The Dreadnaught," (a Dreadnaught is a...

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Laurel Hill, FL

The railroad came through Laurel Hill decades ago, likely inspiring the school's mascot name, the hobo. One of the dictionary definitions of a hobo is a migratory worker. Laurel Hill is the only school in America to use the Hoboes as its ma...

Total Votes: 34,478


Tarpon Springs, FL

Tarpon Springs High School was established in 1905. It's mascot is the Sponger, reflecting the town's long history of sponge diving. Sponge Diving is the oldest known form of the original art of underwater diving, in order to retrieve natur...

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