Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 32,459

Winged Beavers

Avon, CT

The mascot came from its founder, Theodate Pope Riddle. The beaver is indigenous to the area and Riddle added wings to symbolize the aspiration to soar.

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Berlin, CT

Connecticut was a part of Great Britain before the United States was created. Berlin High School still pays homage to its British roots.The British soldiers wore redcoats.

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Moodus, CT

In 1985, Hale Ray, who the school is named after, was officially designted the state hero of Connecticut. The nickname, according to the Elizabethton Star, "is inspired by strange, underground rumblings caused by seismic activity in the are...

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Milford, CT

No, the players don't wear badges or arrest the opposing team if they end up losing. The Lawmen are in honor of Jonathan Law, the 27th Governor of the Colony of Connecticut.

Total Votes: 54,589


West Hartford, CT

The Wyvern is a poison-breathing legendary creature with the head of a dragon, a body with wings, the tail of a snake, talons of an eagle, and only two legs. It comes from the Old French wyvere, which means both 'viper' and ‘life.’ Comm...

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