Results for Best Mascot 2013

Total Votes: 210

Gila Monsters

Gila Bend, AZ

The gila monster is the only venomous lizard native to the United States. It is also a species that is protected by state law in Arizona, and so is a fitting mascot for Gila Bend High School.

Total Votes: 73


Mesa, AZ

Heritage Academy's mission is to build America's heroes, so Heroes is a perfect name for its athletic teams.

Total Votes: 144

Sand Devils

Page, AZ

Page's unique nickname is a nod to the city's arid climate and Arizona State University's Sun Devils.

Total Votes: 80


Surprise, AZ

Arizona's monsoon storms typically feature heavy winds, a wall of dust, thunder, lightning and heavy downpours, making Valley Vista's unique mascot one of the scariest in the country.

Total Votes: 10,284


Yuma, AZ

The Criminals might steal the ball, but not your lunch money. After Yuma's original school building burned down in 1910, classes were held in the cellblocks of the vacated Yuma Territorial Prison.

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