Results for Best Girls Sports Program 2014

Total Votes: 7

Charleston Catholic

Charleston, WV

Since 2000, Charleston Catholic has won 17 state titles in girls athletics, led by 11 state championships in tennis, including six in a row. The school has also won state championships in basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Total Votes: 5

George Washington

Charleston, WV

Back-to-back state champions in swimming, George Washington holds claim to state titles in basketball, volleyball, track and field and tennis. In all, the school has won 26 state championships.

Total Votes: 12


Morgantown, WV

Since 2000, Morgantown has won 17 state championships in several sports: cross country (seven), basketball (four), swimming (four), soccer (one) and track and field (one).

Total Votes: 1


Parkersburg, WV

Known as the "School of Champions," Parkersburg owns twice as many state championships as any other school in West Virginia. The school has won more than 50 state championships in girls athletics, led by tennis (17) and track (11).

Total Votes: 0

Parkersburg South

Parkersburg, WV

In a community well known for its athletics, Parkersburg South is no stranger to championships in girls sports. The basketball team has won three state championships in the past 10 years. Prior to that, the school earned state titles in soc...

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