Results for Best Girls Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 5,261

Amy Fogle

Kodiak, AK

Fogle has been a head girls coach for three years and this year got her team off to an 8-0 start. She previously coached boys to an eight year record of 120-70 and one state title.

Total Votes: 18

Carl Buggs

Long Beach, CA

Buggs has won five Division I state titles, including four in a row from 2006 to 2009. In 14 years he has fashioned a 398-68 record.

Total Votes: 79

Curt DeHaan

Lynden, WA

DeHaan has been the Lynx's coach for 34 years and has accumulated over 760 wins during that time, the most in state history. Hes never had a losing season and has led the Lynx's to seven 1A state titles.

Total Votes: 874

Garrett Arima

Kea'au, HI

Arima has won the last two Division 2 state titles and also recorded a second place in just four years. His record is 75-30.

Total Votes: 13

Mark Stevens

Turner, OR

Stevens has notched more than 420 wins and led the Cougars to the Class 4A state championship in 2011.

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Total Votes: 14

Shane Foster

Reno, NV

The school's head coach since 2005, Foster guided Reno to the Division I state title last February and with a 20-1 record this season, the Huskies appear well on their way to successfully defending their crown.