Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 3,896

Galen Brantley

Soldotna, AK

Galen Brantley has won four state titles in six years. His overall career record is 56-5.

Total Votes: 19,080

Greg Lawrence

Sherwood, OR

Under Lawrence, Sherwood has competed for state championships in five of the last nine seasons, bringing home 5A titles in 2010 and 2012. Lawrence has a 171-49 record over 19 seasons.

Total Votes: 2,076

Kale Ane

Honolulu, HI

After a seven-year NFL career, Ane returned to his alma mater to coach. The 15-year coach recently became the 25th Hawaii high school coach to surpass 100 career wins.

Total Votes: 6,636

Ken Higbee

Alamo, NV

He has won the last five 8-man state titles in a row and started 2013 with a 57-game winning streak. His 18-year record is 172-21.

Total Votes: 180,332

Mike Herrington

Newhall, CA

From a family of coaching brothers, Herrington has won six Southern Section championships. In 25 years he has posted a 248-69-1 record.

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Total Votes: 149,730

Wiley Allred

Royal City, WA

Allred has turned Royal into one of the most consistent programs in the state. He has led it to a 158-20 record in 14 years and won four state titles with two runner-up finishes.