Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 59,781

Dan O'Connell

Bangor, ME

O'Connell took over a program on a 41-game losing streak and has managed a 68-36 record over the last 10 seasons. In 2008, he led John Bapst to the Class C state title.

Total Votes: 83,904

Jim Hoover

Walton, NY

The Warriors' head coach for 38 years, Hoover sports a 294-75-1 record and has won 14 sectional titles. In 2007, Hoover won his second state title (Class D), outscoring the opposition by an incredible 707-48 margin.

Total Votes: 10,237

Keith Jones

Milford, NH

In 2002, Jones (84-38 in 13 seasons at Milford) directed the Spartans to the state finals for the first time in nearly 20 years. They were shut out by Hanover that day, but returned to the state title game the next season, claiming a Divisi...

Total Votes: 16,201

Marce Petroccio

Westport, CT

He has led Staples to three state titles in 20 years.

Total Votes: 3,867

Mike Redding

Mansfield, MA

He has won six Division II Super Bowls. In 25 years he has posted a 204-66-4 record.

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Total Votes: 12,747

Mike Stone

White River Junction, VT

Stone has created a dynasty since the millennium, winning the last three D-I state titles and five of the last six. He's gone 190-72 in his 27-year career.

Total Votes: 6,153

Sandy Gorham

East Providence, RI

During his 24-year career he has posted a 184-88 record, winning five Division I Super Bowls and placing second twice.