Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 47

Bobby Alston

Memphis, TN

In 15 years, Alston has put together a 118-55 record. He's claimed four Division 2-AA state titles.

Total Votes: 3,415

Gary Rankin

Alcoa, TN

Rankin is the No. 3 winner in state history with a 342-67 record at three schools. During a 31-year career, he won four Class 6A state titles at Murfreesboro Riverdale and five Class 3A titles at Alcoa.

Total Votes: 11,171

George Quarles

Maryville, TN

He has dominated in the last 10 years, averaging an eye-popping 14.3 wins. In just 14 years, he compiled a 194-14 record with nine state titles and a 74-game winning streak.

Total Votes: 28

Jeff Morris

Milan, TN

He has won two Class 3A state titles and placed second four times. During 17 years he has put together a 185-46 record.

Total Votes: 4,338

Joe Gaddis

Oak Ridge, TN

During his 30-year career he has amassed a 258-112 record. He won the Class 3A state title in 1991 with a 14-1 record.

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Total Votes: 1,714

Kevin Creasy

Hartsville, TN

In just five years, he has won a pair of state titles. His overall record is 56-8.

Total Votes: 38

Ricky Bowers

Nashville, TN

He has won six Division 2-AA state titles, including the last three. In 19 years he has a 153-29 record.

Total Votes: 5,685

Rodney Saulsberry

Memphis, TN

Saulsberry won the 2012 Class 6A state title with a 15-0 record - the first in his school's history. In nine years, he has posted an 87-24 record.