Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 20

Brad Sandy

Harvey, ND

Since joining Harvey in 1998, Sandy has captured three class A state championships. He won back-to-back titles in 2007 and 2008, and has compiled a 200-116 record over 33 seasons.

Total Votes: 74

Dan Imdieke

Linton, ND

Having led Linton to 35 winning seasons, 30 playoff appearances, 12 state title games and five championships over a 36-year career, Imdieke ranks No. 2 all-time in wins (303-73) in North Dakota. He has won titles in 9-man and 11-man footbal...

Total Votes: 636

Fred Fridley

Watford City, ND

In 41 seasons, Fridley has taken Watford City to 16 state title games, winning nine. He has compiled a career record of 315-99, and he was the first coach in North Dakota history to win 300 games.

Total Votes: 9

Jay Gibson

West Fargo, ND

Gibson has put together five state championship teams over his 22-year career. Currently the second-most tenured coach in North Dakota AAA, Gibson entered this season with a 143-80 career record and 17 winning seasons under his belt.

Total Votes: 16

Larry Sandy

Velva, ND

During Sandy's time at Velva, the Aggies have become one of the most dominant programs in North Dakota small-school football. His teams have won nine of the last 16 Class A titles, and he brings a 214-61 record (26 years) into this season....

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Total Votes: 1,349

Mark Gibson

Bismarck, ND

Gibson has dominated the state's large-school division, with nine title game appearances since 2000. He has won five AAA state championships, and his 14-year record is 129-29.

Total Votes: 12

Rick Philion

Hazen, ND

In the last eight seasons, Philion made six state semifinal appearances before finally bringing home a Class A state title in 2012. His 10-year career record is 74-29.

Total Votes: 564

Rod Oksendahl

Fargo, ND

Oksendahl's 10 title game appearances and five state championships span two schools. A Class AA championship victory last year brought his 33-year record to 278-79.