Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 268

Brad Anderson

Plymouth, MN

Anderson is 137-27 in his 15th season as a head coach. He's won three state championships with two runner-up finishes in nine state tournament appearances.

Total Votes: 16,416

Dave Nelson

Minnetonka, MN

Nelson has appeared in the state tournament 13 times, winning a pair of titles and finishing second four times. He is 229-90 in his 30th season as a head coach.

Total Votes: 18,719

Dwight Lundeen

Becker, MN

Lundeen is 274-66 in his 45th season as a head coach. He's been to state 12 times, with five runner-ups and one title.

Total Votes: 40,073

Jeff Ferguson

Fridley, MN

Ferguson has seven state titles and nine state tournament appearances in just 11 seasons. He was 129-13 heading into his 12th season as a head coach.

Total Votes: 84

Jon Bakken

Waterville, MN

Bakken is 249-69 in his 29th season as a head coach. He's been to state 13 times, with three titles and a runner-up finish.

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Total Votes: 408

Mike Grant

Eden Prairie, MN

The son of former Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant has been at Eden Prairie since 1992, and won eight state titles. He's taken 16 teams to state.

Total Votes: 80

Mike Mahlen

Verndale, MN

Mahlen is 336-112 in his 45th season as a head coach. He's been to state 15 times, with three runner-up finishes and a pair of championships.

Total Votes: 1,010

Ron Stolski

Brainerd, MN

Stolski is 342-155 in 52 years as a head coach, with nine trips to the state tournament.