Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 3,542

Al Fracassa

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Fracassa has coached for 53 seasons, racking up a record of 416-117-7.

Total Votes: 140,936

Herb Brogan

Summit Township, MI

Brogan is 291-74-0 in 33 seasons.

Total Votes: 9,293

John Herrington

Farmington Hills, MI

Herrington is 391-92-1 in 43 seasons.

Total Votes: 140,784

John Schwartz

Mendon, MI

Schwartz has lost just 40 games in 24 seasons, compared with 248 wins.

Total Votes: 6,514

Noel Dean

Lowell, MI

Dean owns a career record of 191-58.

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Total Votes: 10,074

Peter Stuursma

Grand Rapids, MI

Stuursma has a career record of 142-22.

Total Votes: 8,432

Ralph Munger

Rockford, MI

Munger has coached 33 seasons at two schools, with a combined 281-85 record.

Total Votes: 1,042

Tom Mach

Novi, MI

Mach owns a 333-85 record in 37 seasons.