Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 32

Bob Bancroft

Pembroke, MA

He has compiled a 32-year record of 207-105-6. He also has won three Super Bowl crowns in three different divisions.

Total Votes: 32

Charlie Stevenson

Westwood, MA

He has compiled a 162-59-1 record during his 20-year career. Five times he has won a Division I Super Bowl.

Total Votes: 102

Dave Maimaron

Duxbury, MA

He has captured four Division II Super Bowls in just eight years while compiling an 87-11 record.

Total Votes: 267

Jim O'Leary

Danvers, MA

During his 19-year career he has put together a 201-105-2 record. He twice has won Division I Super Bowls.

Total Votes: 270

John DiBiaso

Everett, MA

He has won 11 Super Bowls, 10 in Division I. During 30 years at three schools, he has put together a 261-63-2 record.

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Total Votes: 2,576

Ken LaChapelle

Northbridge, MA

He is the No. 2 winner in state history with a 306-97-6 record in 37 years. He has won 10 Super Bowls.

Total Votes: 5,343

Mike Redding

Mansfield, MA

He has won six Division II Super Bowls. In 25 years he has posted a 204-66-4 record.

Total Votes: 26

Ron St. George

Brockton, MA

During 32 years he has put together a 228-109-4 record. He has won a pair of Super Bowl titles and finished second six times.