Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 2,375

Bob Beatty

Louisville, KY

Beatty is 165-21 in 13 seasons at Trinity. Ten of the 13 years, he led Trinity to a state title in Kentucky's largest class.

Total Votes: 1,274

Dale Mueller

Fort Thomas, KY

Mueller has won 87 percent of his games in 20 years with the Bluebirds. That includes 11 state titles, making him 11-2 in state title games.

Total Votes: 125,488

Ivan McGlone

Russell, KY

McGlone has a career record of 309-146 in 38 years. He's also 2-1 in state title games.

Total Votes: 3,796

Kevin Wallace

Bowling Green, KY

Wallace has compiled a career record of 235-96 and has led Bowling Green to the last two state titles. Wallace has also won five regional titles.

Total Votes: 4,412

Mike Holcomb

Whitesburg, KY

Holcomb has managed a 272-94 career record in 31 years as a head caoch. He's 3-1 in state title games with 17 district titles and six regional titles.

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Total Votes: 149,761

Philip Haywood

Belfry, KY

In 38 years, Haywood has compiled a career record of 362-125. He's managed six trips to the state title game and come away with two wins.

Total Votes: 709

Tom Larkey

Harlan, KY

Larkey has come away empty in two state title games, but he posts a career record of 292-103, making him one of the state's most winningest coaches.

Total Votes: 1,602

Ty Scroggins

Louisville, KY

Scroggins became the first black football coach to lead a team to a Kentucky High School Athletic Association state title in 2007; he's won five of the last six. His career record is 85-56.