Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 3,083

Bob Johnson

Mission Viejo, CA

Twice named national high school football coach of the year, he has won six Southern Section titles. He is the No. 3 active winner in the state with a 29-year record of 288-93-1.

Total Votes: 1,511

Bruce Rollinson

Santa Ana, CA

A two-time USA TODAY High School Sports Super 25 national champion coach, he has posted a 24-year record of 229-73-2. Five times he has won a Southern Section crown.

Total Votes: 77,475

Harry Welch

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Only coach in state history to win a bowl championship at three different schools. In 24 years he has put together a record of 252-55-3, which includes nine Southern Section titles.

Total Votes: 3,520

John Barnes

Los Alamitos, CA

He is the No. 1 active coach in the state with a 33-year record of 301-97-3. Barnes has won four Southern Section titles.

Total Votes: 6,378

Kevin Rooney

Sherman Oaks, CA

He has won four Southern Section titles, twice with 14-0 records. During his 33-year career, Rooney has put together a 274-108-5 record.

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Total Votes: 478

Lou Farrar

Covina, CA

The No. 2 active coach in the state with a 30-year record of 289-109-7, Farrar has won five Southern Section crowns.

Total Votes: 85,385

Mike Herrington

Newhall, CA

From a family of coaching brothers, Herrington has won six Southern Section championships. In 25 years he has posted a 248-69-1 record.

Total Votes: 81

Paul Knox

Los Angeles, CA

He has dominated the Los Angeles City Section with five Class 4A championships. In 31 years, he has put together a 242-95-3 record.