Results for Best High School Football Coach 2013

Total Votes: 123

Barry Lunney

Bentonville, AR

Barry Lunney has won a combined six state titles at two schools. Lunney's overall career record is 228-82-1 in 27 years.

Total Votes: 461

Bo Hembree

Warren, AR

Bo Hembree has won a pair of Class 4A state titles, compiling a 129-34 record during his 13-year career.

Total Votes: 284

Daryl Patton

Fayetteville, AR

Daryl Patton has captured three state titles, all in Class 7A. His 15-year record as a head coach is 121-55.

Total Votes: 111

Doug Loughridge

Alma, AR

Before moving to his new school, Doug Loughridge had posted a 68-9 record in six years. He also won a pair of Class 3A state titles.

Total Votes: 2,383

Josh Floyd

Springdale, AR

Floyd has put his team in the state finals each of the last five years, winning the last three Class 4A titles. In nine years he has posted a 93-25 record with four state championships.

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Total Votes: 22,913

Kevin Kelley

Little Rock, AR

  Kevin Kelley has a 114-22-1 record in 10 years and he has won three state championships. Yet he's just as famous for never punting.   ...

Total Votes: 403

Lanny Dauksch

West Memphis, AR

Lanny Dauksch's 18-year career record is 203-47-1. He won a pair of state championships in 1988 and 1989.

Total Votes: 26,827

Rick Jones

Greenwood, AR

Rick Jones has captured the last three state championships and entered the 2012 campaign with a 38-game winning streak. In 26 years he has put together a 239-64 record with a total of seven state titles.