Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 1,804

Benjamin Nelson

Milnor, ND

Advancing to the regional tournament in his first four season as head coach, Nelson progressed each year with last season - his fourth season - being the year he led the team over the hump to earn their first state championship.

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Darin Mattern

Bismarck, ND

An assistant during four state championship seasons at Century, Mattern has compiled a 69-28 record as head coach since 2009 - including a state championship in 2011.

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Jason Gregory

Grand Forks, ND

Gregory has taken time to install disciplines and style of play that serves his team best, and is coming off his two most successful seasons - with a state championship in 2012 and a deep playoff run that concluded with a 23-2 record last s...

Total Votes: 5

Jeremy Brandt

Beulah, ND

A veteran coach in North Dakota, Brandt compiled a career record of 201-132 after nine seasons before taking over the Beulah program in 2008 where he has since won a state championship in 2012.

Total Votes: 120

Shane Alderman

Fargo, ND

Serving as an assistant to head coach Wells Gulledge during one of the school's most successful tenures, Alderman took over as head coach before the start of last season and kept the momentum strong guiding the team to a state championship.

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Total Votes: 5

Steve Miller

Bismarck, ND

Widely regarded as the staple for coaching top defensive teams, Miller has captured six state titles in his 20 plus seasons as head coach at Bismarck.