Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

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Allen Feldhaus

Richmond, KY

Last year's state title was his first in 27 years. His record over that time is 509-298.

Total Votes: 38

Billy Hicks

Georgetown, KY

He is the No. 1 active winner in the state with a 33-year record of 839-232. He has won 2 overall and one small-school state championship.

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Chris Renner

Louisville, KY

His teams won the state title in 1999 and have finished second 4 times. His 15-year record is 412-96.

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Dale Mabrey

Louisville, KY

During 32 years he has posted a record of 814-226. That includes the state championship in 1989.

Total Votes: 8

Jason Booher

Covington, KY

He is the only coach to win the overall and small-school state titles in the same year (2010). His 11-year record is 257-91 with 3 overall state titles.

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Total Votes: 1

Rodney Woods

Monticello, KY

During 36 years he has put together a 771-375 record. Two of his teams have lost state-title games by 2 points on each occasion.