Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

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Bill Patrick

Akron, IN

In 44 years Patrick has fashioned a 714-278 record. He took Whitko to the Final Four when Indiana still had a one-class system.

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Gene Miiler

Washington, IN

Miller's 38-year record is 614-276 with three Class 3A state titles. He coached future pros Tyler and Cody Zeller.

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J.R. Holmes

Bloomington, IN

Holmes has put together a 681-312 record in 43 years, including two state titles. In 2009 he was named National Coach of the Year by USA Today.

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Jack Keefer

Indianapolis, IN

During 41 years, Keefer has compiled a 693-281 record with four state titles - including a record-tying three in a row with two-time National Player of the Year Greg Oden and point guard-supreme Mike Conley. His 29-0 team in 2005-06 was a u...

Total Votes: 27

Jim Jones

French Lick, IN

In his second stint at the school where he earlier coached the great Larry Bird, Jones has compiled a record of 690-394 in 46 years. He took Princeton to the Final Four in 1983.

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Pat Rady

Cloverdale, IN

Rady is the state's No. 1 active winner with a 49-year record of 720-413. He took Terre Haute South to the Final Four in 1991 and is a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.