Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 30

Bill Hawkins

Madison, ID

During his 29-year career, Hawkins has won five state titles and put together a record of 498-201.

Total Votes: 4,822

Cary Cada

Boise, ID

Cada's teams have won the last two Class 5A state titles, winning 50 of 52 games. His 19-year record is 305-178 with four overall state titles.

Total Votes: 4

Guy Wells

Troy, ID

Wells has won two Division I state titles and posted a record of 226-75 in 13 years.

Total Votes: 2

Matt Harr

Twin Falls, ID

Harr has won two state championships and compiled a record of 278-157 in 17 years.

Total Votes: 765

Michael Fitch

Fruitland, ID

Fitch has coached teams to three Class 3A state titles and one second place. In 15 years he has forged a 229-118 record.

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Total Votes: 4,647

Scott Adams

Firth, ID

Adams has won four Class 2A state titles. In 14 years his record is 240-104.