Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 171

David Boyd

Cartersville, GA

Boyd has won six state titles, coaching at four different schools. In 28 years he has compiled a 605-195 record.

Total Votes: 1,703

David Jones

Decatur, GA

Jones has compiled a 732-317 record during his 39-year career and has coached six teams to state titles.

Total Votes: 606

Doug Lipscomb

Marietta, GA

Lipscomb has won five large-school state championships and compiled a record of 525-120 in 21 years.

Total Votes: 8,685

Dr. Aaron Geter

Irwinton, GA

During 26 years, Geter has coached teams to a 543-176 record, which includes six state championships.

Total Votes: 638

Eddie Martin

Norcross, GA

During his 31-year career, Martin has put together a 662-217 record, which includes six state championships.

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Total Votes: 9,708

Sharman White

Lithonia, GA

White has won six state titles, including five in the last five years. He has put together a record of 287-79 during the past 17 years.