Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 9

Al Blanc

Colorado Springs, CO

In 39 years, Blanc has fashioned a 592-229 record. He coached a Class 2A state champion team in 1997.

Total Votes: 2

Bob Caton

Highlands Ranch, CO

During 31 seasons Caton has compiled a 479-179 record. His teams twice finished second in the Class 5A state tournament.

Total Votes: 2,214

Bruce Dick

Loveland, CO

Dick's 32-year record is 531-191, with a Class 5A state title in 1992.

Total Votes: 3

Ken Shaw

Aurora, CO

Shaw has won five state titles during his 38-year career in which he has put together a 649-217 record.

Total Votes: 1,076

Rudy Carey

Denver, CO

A perennial Coach of the Year, Carey has put together a 701-164 record in 37 campaigns. He has captured eight state titles.

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Total Votes: 1

Wade Mortensen

Mosca, CO

During 34 seasons Mortensen has fashioned a 518-271 record, which includes a Class 4A state title in 2002.