Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 16

Dave Kleckner

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Kleckner's 21-year record is 470-150 and his team has reached the Division I Final 4 twice.

Total Votes: 17

Ed Azzam

Los Angeles, CA

Azzam has won six Division I state titles and compiled a 778-228 record in 34 years.

Total Votes: 1,784

Frank Allocco

Concord, CA

One of the country's finest defensive coaches, Allocco has a 22-year record of 606-85. He has won three state titles and is the only coach to win titles at a small and large school.

Total Votes: 84

Gary McKnight

Santa Ana, CA

McKnight is the state's all-time winner with a 31-year record of 960-85. He also has won a record 10 state titles and sent six players to the NBA.

Total Votes: 60

Harvey Kitani

Los Angeles, CA

During his 33-year carreer Kitani has put together a 676-242 record, which includes a pair of Division I state titles.

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Total Votes: 2,594

Reggie Morris Jr.

Redondo Beach, CA

A rising young star, Morris has compiled an 11-year record of 232-98. His team won the Division II state title in 2013.