Results for Best Boys Basketball Coach 2014

Total Votes: 26

Archie Young

Sitka, AK

In 14 years he has put together a 214-122 record. Best finishes in the state tourney were a pair of thirds in Class 3A.

Total Votes: 10

Brad Lauwers

Anchorage, AK

He has put together a 335-128 record in 19 years, winning a pair of Class 3A state titles.

Total Votes: 484

Frank Ostanik

Fairbanks, AK

The former University of Alaska coach has an 8-year prep record of 151-51. He has won the last 2 Class 3A state titles and had one second-place finish.

Total Votes: 9

Patrick Callahan

Nome, AK

His record in 10 years is 178-70. Twice his team has been second in the Class 3A state tourney.

Total Votes: 9

Rob Galosich

Anchorage, AK

Galosich has won the Class 4A state title twice and posted an 11-year record of 228-79.

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Total Votes: 6

Ron Hoffman

Anchorage, AK

Hoffman's four-year record is 74-35. He has one Class 3A state title and a pair of second places - all coming in the last three years.